What is Build SFU?

The Build SFU project is an initiative of the Simon Fraser Student Society dedicated to building a new student union building and stadium for SFU’s Burnaby campus. Watch the video below to learn more about Build SFU: 


In cooperation with the Simon Fraser University, this $65M project aims to redefine and enrich the student experience at SFU.

The project is based on three pillars:

Learn the SUB Basics by watching this Build SFU 101 video:



Student Union Building Size: 100,000 square feet.
Student Union Building Location: South of Freedom Square between the Maggie Benston Centre and the AQ.
Stadium Capacity: Estimated 2,500 seats.
Stadium Location: Stadium will be built at the Terry Fox field.
Cost: $65 million.
Funding: Undergraduate students have voted to support the Build SFU project. 
The project is funded by an undergraduate student levy effective January 1, 2014.