Letter of Support - Spencer Steele

Student-led and student-designed, Build SFU has been enormously priviledged to receive so much overwhelmingly positive student support.  Here is one of the student letters musing on the importance of the proposed SUB and Stadium, and why it is important to build for the future generations.

A Space for all Students to Build – by Spencer Steele

Student Engagement is an important facet of student life. Build SFU’s student union building project will create a multitude of opportunities for students of various academic backgrounds, to become more engaged and come together to build their dreams.

As founder and captain of the Formula SAE team, SF-1, I know firsthand how hard it is for students to take initiative and get involved at SFU. One of our largest endeavors right now, aside from building the car which is a challenge on its own, is to obtain a suitable shop space at SFU where we can work on campus. Right now there is no space in existence at any of the three SFU locations where we can do this.   I’ve seen countless Engineering teams start and die before they even get off the ground because of one factor: Space. From what I’ve heard, the SUB will feature a large open industrial shop-space where students teams can get together to not only design but build their projects. It will be the first place in over 50 years where SFU students can do this.

For many of you, your intention is to work hard at your classes and come out of SFU in 4 years with a degree in your hand and a job offer at the end of it. I can tell you from experience, it’s not enough, having a degree won’t necessarily get you a job, but experience always will. It’s a double edge sword though, how do you get experience if you need experience? Most co-op or internships still want you to have experience, it’s a tough market.  It’s a tricky situation that many of you will find yourself in at some point. The best way, down pat, is through your extra-curricular activities at SFU, they set you apart from the rest and show you can survive in the real-world.

As a graduating 5th year student I know just about everything there is to know about SFU.  Your time here is going to reflect how you want to spend it. My time at SFU is done and I’m moving on, I will never see the SUB complete, but many of you most likely will. Regardless of what year you are, take some initiative and make a difference in your time here, you’ll meet new friends, discover talents you never knew you had, and maybe even get that dream job offer after you’re done. Don’t let a textbook define your education,  get involved, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Spencer Steele – SFU Graduate