Alyssa Fraser

Student-led and student-designed, Build SFU has been enormously priviledged to receive so much overwhelmingly positive student support.  Here is one of the student letters musing on the importance of the proposed SUB and Stadium, and why it is important to build for the future generations. 

A new semester is on the horizon and hordes of new students will soon be walking onto the SFU Burnaby campus for the first time. However, the question as to when these students will get to start using a new student union building and stadium is still up in the air. On March 22nd 2012 the student body had voted yes to proceed with and fund the Build SFU project; however Build SFU still needs the support of the undergraduate population to make it into the construction phase. With the main complaint about our campus being that it is lacking a sense of community, the creation of a place for connecting with other students is imperative. Not only will the construction of the student union building and the stadium help future students, but it will also create the opportunity for current students to gain experience by getting involved in the process. Therefore I urge everyone to consider how he or she envisions the future of this campus and to act accordingly. We have 50 years of history behind us, now its up to us to shape the next 50. 


Alyssa Fraser – SFU student, Communications Major