Gaganjot Lidhran

Student-led and student-designed, Build SFU has been enormously priviledged to receive so much overwhelmingly positive student support.  Here is one of the student letters musing on the importance of the proposed SUB and Stadium, and why it is important to build for the future generations. 

Let’s not be known as “Generation No”

2016 is creeping upon us and the Build SFU project has yet to move into the construction phase of the project so that SFU students can use for the first ever a Student Union Building (SUB). With over 50 years of establishment, it is unfortunate that students have yet to access the benefits of a non-academic building that allows them to have more study spaces, areas for rehearsals and group practices, as well as, a place of well-being and community. To put this into perspective, the University of British Columbia (UBC) has just opened their new student union building (The Nest), and has already began re-construction on its old SUB to expand and consolidate services. The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) has also recently opened their  first student union building after only 41 years.

It is duly noted that we are not either of these Universities, but when it comes to school spirit, community and overall perception, SFU seems to be lacking. The Build SFU project and more importantly the proposed student union building, would help to modernize the somewhat “intimidating” presence of our university. A SUB would create a place for students to come together, connect, network, and most importantly, feel at home within a large student population. However, with the most recent delay of construction of the SUB, the Build SFU project is unable to deliver to the students of SFU.

As we come closer to another vote on the project, we need to ask ourselves if we want to be known as the generation of students that said no to a centrally located student social hub with flexible furniture, tons of study space, natural landscapes, and plenty of natural light? Can we be the generation of students that said no to giving clubs and student groups more meeting spaces, rehearsal rooms and a community kitchen? Let’s hope not.

We can be the students that said yes to build a bigger and brighter university experience for incoming first and second years. We could be a generation of students that sees how the project can benefit all students, and regardless of where we will be when it is built, aspire to help, consult and assist Build SFU in the construction of SFU’s first ever Student Union Building. We could be Generation Yes.

It’s time we stop building perceptions of a project from mislead facts and bias, and seek this information out for ourselves. It is time we start focusing on what is at stake and what we can lose by saying no. It is time to ask ourselves what generation we would like to be known as, Generation Yes or No.

Gaganjot Lidhran  - 3rd Year SFU Political Science Student