Micaela Evans

Student-led and student-designed, Build SFU has been enormously priviledged to receive so much overwhelmingly positive student support.  Here is one of the student letters musing on the importance of the proposed SUB and Stadium, and why it is important to build for the future generations. 


I have spent the last two months working within the SFSS as the Accessibility Review Project Worker. My job has been to look within our student society, assessing and researching ways in which it can better be inclusive of all SFU students, and creating resources to be used in the future when planning accessible events within the SFSS.

One area I have spent time reviewing is the Build SFU project. In comparison to many other physical spaces on the Burnaby campus, the new SUB building is a great step towards a more accessible campus. While designing the space, the SFSS has truly taken accessibility and inclusion into account every step of the way.

The new SUB building has been thought of in terms of its accessibility within each aspect of the planning stage – both in its architecture and its atmosphere. From adding an additional elevator to make commuting time easier, to making sure people with physical disabilities can access every important architectural addition to the space, and added safety features in the accessible washrooms throughout the building, you can tell that they kept accessibility in mind when creating this new student space.

As well, those working on the SUB realized they did not know everything in terms of accessibility, and did not pretend they did by any means. Since the beginning stage, they have been working with the Center for Students with Disabilities and individual SFU students with disabilities in focus groups and other meetings, to ensure they have taken everyone’s diverse experiences into account as much as possible within this new building on our campus.

We at the SFSS recognize that no space will ever be perfect for every individual’s needs, but the SUB is taking great steps forward in terms of accessibility. Access has never been a big consideration within architecture on this campus before, and within this new building, it finally is.  


Micaela Evans
Accessibility Review Project Worker
Simon Fraser Student Society