How much are students paying?

Students are currently paying $40 per semester. 

Funds are collected through an undergraduate student fee called the Build SFU Levy. The Build SFU Levy was approved by the student referendum in Spring 2012, and collection began in January 2014 at $10 per semester. 

While the levy is currently at $40 per semester, by 2022, it will gradually increase to $90 per semester. The levy is designed for students participating in the design process to pay less than those who will be able to use the new facilities.

What about students in financial need? 

A Build SFU Bursary is available to students in financial need. The bursary is administered by SFU Financial Aid and Awards.

Students enrolled in 3 or fewer units will pay half of the levy amount. In 2023 and following years, the levy will be adjusted annually for inflation according to the Canadian Consumer Price Index (CPI).


Updated March 1, 2017